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Nutrition Programs in Wake County

Nutrition Programs in Wake County

Inter-Faith Food Shuttle provides nutrition programs that help build community health, wealth, and security.  These programs are interactive nutrition-education programs that teach kids, teens, adults, and families how to get the most nutrition out of a limited budget.

Cooking Matters offers courses that provide a long-term strategy to address hunger by ensuring that people with limited incomes can offer their families nutritious meals that are balanced, tasty, creative, healthy, economical, and safe.
These classes are offered to adults, teens, young moms, kids, and families. Adult courses are also offered in Spanish.
Shopping Matters provides a guided grocery store tour that helps families make healthy and affordable shopping choices.
Single Serving offers short workshops where participants learn about various nutrition and culinary topics in order to feed themselves and their families more nutritiously.
For more information contact Inter-Faith Food Shuttle at (919) 250-0043.
Inter-Faith Food Shuttle Headquarters
1001 Blair Drive
Raleigh, NC 27620
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